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Examples of TimeWaver remote therapy optimization

The remote therapy via the universal information field on a regular basis such as the 4-hour (or every 57 minutes) for a period of for example 17 or 37 seconds for 14 days or longer.

For example, the measurement of 7 homeopathic remedies for the most exposed organs from the first overview of the body. On the basis of Indian homeopathic doctors, these funds are measured every 14 days, new process-oriented and used to treat. Therapy accumulation as a rule all 2-4 hours for 17 seconds (distance treatment)
In addition to animations to the psycho - emotional therapy.
Nosodentherapie for found subchronic interference fields from viruses, bacteria, etc.
Compensation of tested deficiencies like for example zinc, selenium, B vitamins, NADH, Q10, etc.

Subsequent 14 days to update the transmit optimization

Note: The remote diagnostics and remote optimization with TimeWaver is located at the beginning of the scientific review. Despite the positive experience of hundreds of users that is unrecognised by the traditional medicine it is also not used like all other natural remedies. Therefore this test does not replace a visit to your doctor or health practitioner.

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